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Product Name Engine Control System (KC-E102)
Model E102
Series Kings Marine
Product Description

KC-E102 is able to install in small space, and provide control way for various engines as ‘04-20mA / 0-5V / PWM’. Also it is able to connect with various engine by adjust output value.
KC-E102 is consisted of control head (H102) and engine controller (E102).

  ● Power: DC24V

  ● Communication: CAN BUS

  ● Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃

  ● Comfortable grib & easy control

  ● Easy to install and test

  ● Error indicating (Display & Alarm)

  ● Max 4 stations

  ● Single/Twin Engine Control

  ● Throttle control: 0~5V / 4~20mA / PWM(8~92%), Adjustable output value

  ● Clutch control: Relay output

  ● Size

     - H102: 173mm(W) * 240mm(H) * 271mm(D)
     - E102: 162mm(W) * 135mm(H) * 34mm(D)



SEWHA CNM Engine Control System (KC-E102) E102

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