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Product Name Power Quality Protection Panel
Model PQP-T
Series Power Quality Protection Panel
Catalog PQP-T.pdf
Product Description



​Computer room, a central control room, DCS, etc. are important facilities should be operated without stopping for 24 hours. 
Therefore, it requires a highly reliable power supply ​in consideration of reduction in the quality of Surge and lightning energy such as electricity energy incoming flows from the outside.

The PQP series combines Class I and II SPD, a special low-pass filter and over-current protection.
The low-pass filter plays an important role in reducing the fast rate or rise (du/dt) associated with lightning discharges and surge transients. 
This helps reduce the stress on sensitive electronic components & digital system.

■  Location of use : Computer room, Central control room, DCS

​■  Protection elements : MOV, GDT, Noise Filter, MCCB

■  Housing : Waterproof & EMC protection metal enclosures

■  Co​​mplies with : IEC 61643-11, 61000-4-5, 60364, 60439


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