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Product Name Oxygen
Model SS1118
Series Gas Sensor
Catalog SS1118 Datasheet.pdf
Product Description

Gas sensors : Oxygen(SS1118)

ㆍDevice description

The SS1118 oxygen sensor is of galvanic cell type. The SS1118 oxygen sensor measures oxygen concentration in air. The oxygen gas sensor requires no special preparation or calibration-just plugs it into your interface and it is ready to take readings. The SS1118 offer superior performance over the conventional oxygen sensor in the fact that the SS1118 is not affected by CO2, CO and NOx. The oxygen gas sensor has speedy response time, stability state and long life time. 

ㆍMajor Applications

- Ideal for portable instrument
 - Industry safety (ambient air monitoring applications)
 - Combustion efficiency analysis
 - Gas blending
 - Food storage monitoring
 - Medical application
 - etc.


SENKO Oxygen SS1118

SENKO Oxygen SS1118 1

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