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Product Name Fixed / Non-directive Probe Field
Model SI-100C
Series Gas Detector
Catalog SI-100C .Manual.pdf
Product Description

Non-directive probe field : SI-100C

ㆍDevice description

SI-100C is a fixed gas detector installed in a place where potential gas hazard exists to measure oxygen, toxic gas and combustible gas without LCD display. It can be connected to the controller with a standard 4-20mA analog outputs.

ㆍMajor Applications

Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic tank, LPG tank facilities, LNG gas plant


SENKO Fixed / Non-directive Probe Field SI-100C

SENKO Fixed / Non-directive Probe Field SI-100C 1

01. Explosive proof structure
02. Water/dust proof structure
03. 4-20mA Analog outputs
04. Built-in Calibration Mode

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