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Product Name Portable / Smoking Meter
Model BMC-2000
Series Gas Detector
Catalog BMC-2000 Operation Manual (v.04).pdf
Product Description

Smoking Meter : BMC-2000

ㆍDevice description

BMC-2000 can be used in smoking cessation programs by healthcare professionals. And it also can be used as a noninvasive method to get %COHb in the patient’s blood and to screen CO poisoned patients by medical man. The small size and light weight make the BMC-2000 ideal for hand held use. It is mainly used in smoking cessation clinics; it is used for instructional purposes to check on the client’s progress and compliance.


SENKO Portable / Smoking Meter BMC-2000

SENKO Portable / Smoking Meter BMC-2000 1

01. Non-Invasive method to know how much carbon monoxide(CO) poisoned
02. Indirect and simple instrument to measure carboxyhemoglobin(COHb) in blood
03. Easy to discriminate smoker
04. Easy to recognize the degree of CO poisoning (smoking habit)
05. Two language (English, Korean) are provided
06. CE certificate of European medical equipment
07. Concentration of CO in breath and percentage of COHb in blood are displayed simultaneously
08. Adult / Pregnant / Young mode are provided

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