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SEBA, who has faced many difficulties and hardships over the past few years, has grown steadily with the opportunity of the crisis, not succumbing to it. Now, we want to take the first step in achieving ourlong-distance plan. We will provide opportunities to create our inspiration and ambition of changes and innovations in a long term as we have opened out new future in challenge and passion.

“Change the World,” SEBA was founded in our business philosophy of science, creativeness, and innovative technology to changethe world.

We have developed continuous enhancement, innovation, and study to be the best company and produce the greatest products of fluid control, measuring instruments, electronic parts, and electronic sensors in the world. Furthermore, we manage the systems of innovations, product developments, production, and sales to react consumers’ needs based on out excellent technology, as a leading company, and we built the secure basis of business growing with introducing industrialized technology and the improvement of sales and applications in the future.

SEBA will be a company who is always with consumers, welcoming their comments and advices. Please, keep watch on SEBA to be born again that you can always trust and find.

649, Seonsangdong-ro, Okseong-myeon, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea