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Product Name Electro-Permanent Magnet
Model DEL-350
Series samyoung magnet
Product Description

Market Product Features

How it Works

Product Main Features

Electricity consumption less than 1% compare with EM

No electric power source need when it move

Remain Magnetism less than 5% when it demagnetized

Module + Controller (Simple Composition)

No peripheral device need for system build

Customized order based system build available

Strong magnetism maintain when it unfavorable condition like temperature, thickness, surface condition

Ensure safety accident free (No need electro power for holding and can not control when module perceived load)

Product Features

SangYoung Magnet

High Reliability

Holding force eternally last until current breaking in a moment

Holding force eternally last sudden rise in temperature (H.F -0.16%/1 ℃ increase)

Temperature Service Condition : -200~+200 ℃ (※ it depends on magnetic specification)

Electro Magnet

Reliability Problem (※ Serious safety issue latent)

In case of current breaking

When the temperature goes high holding force rapidly down

Product Operation Principle

Magnetism Path formed Priority Principle

Module Details

f-001 ky-800 External Frame

f-001 ky-800 Internal Pole

KY-800 MODULE Internal & External Shape (SMART TYPE)

Internal : Aluminium Frame

External : Steel 3POLE type + Neodymium Magnet + Copper Coil

Module Specification

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