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  • Sangshin


    Home Differential Pressure Flow Control Valve
    Hot Water Distribution - Valves

    Product Description

    Product List

    Temperature Control

    Entry-level Temperature Control System
    High-class Temperature Adjustment System
    Integrated Ventilation Temperature Control System
    Switchbox All-in-one Temperature Control System
    Touch-type Temperature Control System
    Dial-type Temperature Control System
    Wiring Diagram
    Valve Controller

    Hot Water Distribution - Smart Hot Water Distribution System

    Flow Detection-type Hot Water Distribution System
    Differential Pressure & Rate Control Hot Water Header System
    Main Flow Control Hot Water Distribution System

    Hot Water Distribution - Hot Water Header

    Individual Heating Hot Water Header
    Brass Forging Hot Water Header
    Casting Brass Hot Water Header
    Casting Bronze Hot Water Header
    Stainless Hot Water Header
    Cold and Hot Water Supply Header
    Faucet Fixture / Differential Pressure Valve
    One Room Type Hot Water Header

    Hot Water Distribution - Valves

    Household Water Supply Decompression Valve
    Combined Flow Control & Temperature Control Valve
    Home Differential Pressure Flow Control Valve
    Angle Union-Type Ball Valve/Union Elbow
    Combined Home Flow & Temperature Control Valve

    Hot Water Distribution - Others

    Radiator for Inserting Copper Pipes