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Product Name Super Expanded Graphite Braided Packing
Model SSI-4000
Series Grand Packing
Product Description


It consists of expanded graphite fibre yarns, braided into square cross section. It is chemically inert and suitable for high temperature, high speed, high pressure environments requiring the anti-acidity.
Because it dissipates well the heat during the operation and maintains smooth surface without a sleeve abrasion due to its good lubrication mature, it is an almighty packing to solve completely all the problems in the coventional packing. The residuals of soluble chlorine included in the products are less than 18ppm which is less than the specification required in the nuclear power plant, making it suitable for use as a sealant of high-price equipment in the nuclear power plant.


Samsung Industry Super Expanded Graphite Braided Packing SSI-4000



Nuclear power technologe, chemical industry, high temperature, valve & pump.

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