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Product Name Graphite Mold Packing
Model SSI-402/402-VOC
Series Grand Packing
Product Description


The graphite sheet is pressed, moulded and processed at a regular measure.
There is no damage on the reciprocating and revolving shaft due to the self lubrication graphite from low degree to high degree pressure.
It ensures perfect sealing up and simple maintenance and repair.


Samsung Industry Graphite Mold Packing SSI-402/402-VOC



Universal and nuclear use, pumps and valves, L.N.G valves and pumps, water steam, chemicals
•Oxidizing services:650℃


Samsung Industry Graphite Mold Packing SSI-402/402-VOC 1


Volatile major constituent material of the sealing packing for the organic compound (VOC) is specifically designed Graphite die-formed ring.
VOC packing set is made up of a high density and a low pre-formed packing density by using a pre-formed packing2 set adapt.
Each of which has a different angle it is sealed to both the stem diameter and an inner diameter of stuffing box to compress.
This grant is designed VOC packing and sealing properties as possible move to the lowest torque, the second component of braided packing ring has been made by the mouth as carbonyarn or INCONEL WIRE MESH graphite braided packing.
Spacer to uniformly distribute the force of the compression applied to the VOC packing set that serves to ensure the compression.

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