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Series Insulation Gasket Kit
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Samsung Industry made flange insulation products are widely used by experienced engineers and technicians in their continuous efforts to control one of natures destructive elements corrosion. We produces a full line of standard pipeline flange insulation including full faced gaskets, ring faced gaskets and ring type joing flange gasket. Precision manufactured from materials of proven, consistent high quality Samsung flange insulation offers professional designers of catholic protection system the depend ability required where design standards and good practice dictate the isolating of flanged piping systems. In addition to the widely accepted practice of isolating catholically protect piping systems, flange insulation is frequently used is isolating pipe of dissimilar metals and old pipe from new pipe.

Samsung flange insulation gaskets(Type SSI-885A and Type SSI-885B) are available in medium weave f abric reinforced phenolic with a choice of either plain face or Neoprene* face. This phenolic material meets military specification Mil-P-15035-FBG. JMRD-81 high-dielectric strength material is available for use in high temperature situations. With the plainfaced phenolic gasket, it is recommended that a 1/6" service gasket be used on each side in order to obtain an effective seal. Maximum recommended continuous operating temperature of the plain faced phenolic gasket is 225℉(107℃) and 175℉(79.5℃)for the Neoprene faced phenolic gasket. The JMRD-81 central gasket can be used in temperatures above those recommend for phenolic gaskets(up to 600℉/316℃). A choice of polyetylene, phenolic( Micarta**), Nomex* or Mylar* sleeves is available.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, polyethylene sleeve are standard in each set, Integral sleeves and washer components are available for 1/2" through 1.1/4" bolt sizes. Information on flange insulation kits designed for high temperature application may be obtained from a factory representative or a Samsung distributor. Teflon*envelopes are available and recommended for positioning around the inside diameter of the central gasket for wet applications, such as steam service.


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