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Product Name
Model SSI-811R, SSI-812R
Series Ring Joint Gasket
Product Description

Samsung Industry  SSI-811R, SSI-812R

General Notes

(a) All dimensions are in millimeters.
(b) Tolerances :
P = average pitch diameter of ring, ±0.18
A = width of ring, ±0.2
B, H = height of ring, +1.3, -0.5
Variation in height throughout the entire circumference of any given ring shall not exceed 0.5 within these tolerances.
C = width of flat on octagonal ring, ±0.2
R1 = radius in ring, ±0.5
23 deg = angle, ±0 deg 30 min
(c) End flanges to API 6D and API 600 use gaskets for equivalent pipe size under ASME B16.5 or ASME B16.47 series A.
(c-1) Class 720, 960, and 10000 flanges to API 6B are obsolete. Data are for information only.
(c-2) R-30 is for lapped jonit only.

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