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    High Durability Drain Valve
    Special Valve

    Product Description

    1. Drain Valve is one of a high durability valve installed in main steam or superheat outlet drain line for thermal power plant
    2. Prevent disc and seating surface damage from scale oxide ejection occurring often in piping or erosion caused by steam blowing at high differential pressure, DSS or WSS operation in high temperature & high pressure
    3. Quickly separate changeable seat
    4. Angle type durable for erosion
    5. Stem & Disc integral, to prevent failure by vibration from throttling service
    6. Slit for relaxation of thermal stress is applied to prevent crack may be caused by thermal expansion on seating surface
    7. Throttling type for flow control
    8. Decreased the cavitation phenomenon by reducing the pressure recovery by widening outlet opening area of the seat
    9. Valve seat surface have both seal area and throttle area. Seal area is wider than throttle area to maintain sealing when throttle area damage due to scale oxide ejection
    10. Delta Seal Ring is applied to maintain sealing by thermal transient at the time of starting plant

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