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Product Name Pressureless Ginseng Steamer
Model 100A
Series Ginseng Processing Machinery
Product Description

Keeping constant the rise temperature and controlling its maximum value accurately, the pressureless ginseng steamer produces products of good color and high quality by preventing cracking or formation of inner wall in the process of steaming, stabilizing the inside of the kettle and drawing ginseng sap onto the outer skin. Programmed for preheating, steaming, maturing and ripening, it is easy even for a beginner user to use. 
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Characteristics of Pressure - less Ginseng Steamer 100A

Since the pressure-less electric red-ginseng streamer has a uniform heating temperature and precisely controls the upper temperature limit, it protects ginseng from carcks and stabilizes the inner part of the pot when fully steaming ginseng.
As it collects the sap into the outer layer of the skin, the color and quality become excellent after drying. (Since it is programmed to have the phases of preheating, steaming, full-steaming, and maturation, a novice can easily steam ginseng.)


Samsaeng Pressureless Ginseng Steamer 100A

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