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Product Name Apollo High-quality Fluid Extractor and Concentrator
Model SC1000L
Series Ginseng Processing Machinery
Product Description

A ginseng and herbal medicine fluid extractor and concentrator, in which a speedy extraction is possible through repeating processes of 'soaking at near-boiling temperature for 10 minutes and retrieving for 1 min' without continuously boiling extract. For concentration, the system adopts a technology which does not boil but evaporates extract using layers formed by injection of a certain amount of extract onto the surface of the concentration tank, making it possible to keep intact unique smell and components of the product and to mass-produce high-quality concentrate with small equipments. 
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• Features
 1. Quality - Concentration occurs in 40 secs while extract passes through the concentrator, producing high-    quality extract though keeping intact its unique smell and major components. 
 2. Yield - Adoption of the low-temperature concentration technology, which saves carbonization of viscous     substances such as ginsenosides, increasing the yield by 20~30 percent. 
 3. Efficiency - Evaporation of 1000ℓ of water in 12 hours, providing a five-fold greater efficiency than that of     other existing systems. 
 4. Economy - Economic in labor and fuel costs. 
 5. Cost of Equipment - It takes smaller area and less money to provide higher-efficiency equipments. 
 6. Convenience - Easy even for a beginner user to use. 


Samsaeng Apollo High-quality Fluid Extractor and Concentrator SC1000L

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