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Product Name Ginseng Sapling Transplanter
Model SM205B
Series Ginseng Cultivating Machinery
Product Description

In an automatic ginseng sapling transplanter, a ginseng sapling is fed upside down one by one into the funnel, rotated half round by a proximity sensor and planted into a 20cm deep furrow at an angle of 45˚. The work efficiency is 240~300㎡/day. 
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Characteristics of Ginseng Sapling Transplanter

- The walking-type of ginseng sapling transplanter plants the saplings at the 45°C slant by inserting   and soil-covering to the groove while turning a half-cycle by picking six saplings at the same time with   pinchers as feeding the sapling one by one.
- The ginseng sapling holders, when feeding all six types, are sensed by a nearby sensor, the sensor signal  operates the electronic clutch, and the machine is automatically operated.
- An area of 3,310~4,965㎡ can be planted per day. Since the time for transplanting the ginseng saplings is   only allowed for 10 days in March from the land thawing, a power generator is attached to do the job   during nighttime.
- Power of 12V-50W may be used.
Two persons can smoothly run the jobs while using a separate conveyor of the ginseng sapling transplanter.
When transplanting the saplings, two persons can easily move from one bank to another

The Principles and Order Specifications of Sapling Transplanter

Samsaeng Ginseng Sapling Transplanter SM205B

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