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Product Name Layer Type Transformer
Series Switching Transformers
Product Description

● TO meet energy conservation needs while at the same time, smaller and lighter switching mode power supplies are rapidly replacing the older type power sources.
● Our switching mode power supply transformers feature high performance ferrite cores.
● High superior winding technology gives our products reliability.
● We have a great variety of cores and bobbin at our disposal and can always supply the most suitable transformer for the task.

● High magnetic flux density, high permeability and low loss
● High efficiency and minimal heat generation due to power loss.
● Easy installation on printed circuit boards.
● In addition to electrical equipment boards, these transformers meet Ul, VDE and other international standard and safety regulations.
● Resin impregnated transformers are also available.

● VTRs, audio amplifier, game machine, copier, facsimile, computer, terminal equipment,. numerically controlled machine, ultrasonic wave equipment, medical equipment, movie projector, analysing equipment, automated equipment, measuring equipment, communications control equipment, etc.
● Switching power supplies for electronic equipments.
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