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Product Name Needle Punching Machine
Model SHD-UR 2400 ~ 3000
Series Non-woven Machine
Product Description

• Working Width : 2400~3000mm 
• Needle Beam Stroke / Max stroke frequency - 30mm / 1500 s/min
                                                             - 40mm / 1300 s/min
                                                             - 50mm / 1200 s/min
• Needle per Liner meter : 6000, 9000, 10000, 12000

▶ Machine Structure
• The needle beam consists of four separate pieces, each two pieces being connected to two module boxes. These four pieces of the needle beam are designed to be operated up and down with no error by another turning gear box. It is easy to perform repair or maintenance. 
• As each module box has a lubricating oil pump. The machine stops automatically when oil pressure drops or when the pump fails. 
• The machine is installed on the special vibroisolating rubber base to minimize the vibration of the machine. It is also easy to change the installation place of the machine. 


▶ Needle Board
• The needle board is made of special aluminum alloy steel and polyurethane, so that it is not deformed and its needle holes do not become loose after use for a long time. 


▶ Motors
• A variable speed AC-inverter (or DC motor) with 50HP(37kw) is used as main motor. It may vary depending on work load. 
• A variable speed AC-inverter (or DC motor) with at least 1HP(0.75kw) is used as inlet and outlet motors. 

SAMHWA MACHINERY Needle Punching Machine SHD-UR 2400 ~ 3000