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Product Name C.T.C. (Continuously Transposed Conductor)
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Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC) consist of a number of enameled rectangular wires (5~84 strands) made into an assembly.

Each strand is transposed in turn to each position in the cable and is then covered with layers of insulation paper or film. Continuously Transposed Conductors are used in winding wires for medium and ultra high power transformers.

Sam Dong’s CTC is manufactured by OFHC copper and indeed, is able to supply polyester roped CTC which has been designed to reduce production cost, oil pocket and improve cooling efficiency. Hardened type CTC (CPR1, CPR2, and CPR3: BS1432) and Self-bonding CTC which can be used to improve mechanical and electrical strength are also available.


• Shortened winding time for transformer
• Decreased size and cost of transformer
• Reduced electrical losses
• Excellent winding ability and simple handling
• Improved mechanical strength of winding (Self- Bonding CTC)


Sam Dong C.T.C. (Continuously Transposed Conductor)

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