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Product Name O.F.H.C. (Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper)
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OFHC is produced by the direct conversion of refined high quality copper cathode, LME Grade A (Purity 99.99%), by melting & casting under strictly controlled conditions with CO gas deoxidization method in order to prevent air exposure during processing.

OFHC insures extra high grade of copper wire by oxygen contents of less than 10 ppm (ASTM Standard). OFHC has higher electrical & thermal conductivity, higher recrystallization temperature and higher workability than normal copper rod.

The application of OFHC is widely spread over electrical & electronic equipment which requires high efficiency, accurate and durable material. Sam Dong has been manufacturing OFHC by UP- CAST and Dip-Forming process and supplying high quality copper wire for ultra high voltage transformer winding coils according to the Customer’s requirements.


• Little copper dust which occurs from the Oxide of Cu2O, CuO etc.
• Excellent electrical & thermal conductivity
• Good workability
• Excellent long term resistance to hydrogen embrittlement under high hydrogen atmospheres
• Indispensable material in the electrical and electronic industries
• High heat resistance and impact strength


Sam Dong O.F.H.C. (Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper)

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