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Product Name Rotary Type 1 Lane Ice Pack Packaging Machine
Model SPS-R830P
Series Rotary Packaging Machine
Catalog PRODUCT SPACK Icepack Auto Filling Packer/Rotary Type.pdf
Product Description

PRODUCTS KIND : Icepack, Powder+Liquid
SPEED : 10~20packs/min.
FILLING CAPACITY : Powder/5~30g, Liquid/300~1,000ml
POUCH TYPE : 3-Directional pouch/Stand-Up/Non woven fabrics Pouch
PACKING SIZE : (W)150~240mm, (L)200~400mm
ELECTRIC POWER : 220V/50~60Hz/1Phase/3.0kw(Max.)
DIMENSION : (W)1,300×(L)1,500×(H)2,000
WEIGHT : About 800kg


This machine is a high performance automatic packaging machine for filling powder and liquid.
Pouch supply, opening, filling, sealing, cooling and exit is automatic
There is a liquid blocking function so the powder process is possible.
1 Line rotary filling machine.
Stand up pouch, three seal pouch, shaped pouch filling possible
No vibration and noise by using roller drive.
Speed can be controlled using the inverter
Empty pack adhesive protection is built in.
Alert message for each function
Depending on the material structure, sealing temperature can be djusted

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