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Product Name Rotary Type 1 Lane Mask Pack Packaging Machine
Model SPS-R830M
Series Rotary Packaging Machine
Catalog PRODUCT SPACK Rotary Type, Auto Mask-pack Liquid Filling Machine.pdf
Product Description

S-PACK Rotary Type 1 Lane Mask Pack Packaging Machine SPS-R830M


PRODUCTS : Beauty Maskpack-only LIQUID
SPEED : 38~45packs/min.
POUCH TYPE : [3-Directional pouch/Shape Pouch
PACKING SIZE : (W)90~130mm, (L)150~200mm
ELECTRIC POWER : 220V/50~60Hz/1Phase/3.0kw(Max.)
DIMENSION : (W)2,060×(L)1,100×(H)1,600
WEIGHT : 600kg
COMPRESSED AIR : 5~6kg/㎠(Air Compressor-Optional)



This machine is suitable for fully automated mask-pack packing
Single line rotary packaging machine
Bag type : flat type mask pack 
Inverter in motor, control the various speed. 
Speed can be controlled using the inverter
Inverter in motor, minimize the noise and able to exact division
Warning alarm system: the alert message on the each feature.
Touch screen control panel and the protruded button switch, so it is easy to operate.
Control the sealing temperature depending on the material of the pack 
Safe from harmful bacteria and fungi due to removing the margin on the sealing part.

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