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Dear customers and distributors,

It is a great pleasure to meet each and every one of you through our newly renovated website. Based on our long history of research and experience of stents, S & G Biotech is a company that researches, manufactures, distributes, and markets intervention- related devices and supplies. Our company’s mission focuses on developing medical devices that correspond to treatments interventional procedures which are most updated medical fields.

In terms of current medical treatments worldwide, the uses of interventional technology have been progressing rapidly. In response, by cooperating and co-studying with physicians and medical experts,

S & G Biotech emphasizes developing new interventional procedures and manufacturing medical devices.

In 2018, as the company expanded its sales to Japan and China., we have constructed a new system focusing on product quality and have been combining all our talents and resources to accomplish quality innovation.

By developing new interventional procedures and manufacturing and distributing outstanding quality products, we aspire to provide reliability and usability to healthcare professionals and ultimately contribute to enhancing and prolonging the lives of patients. In order to reach our goal, we endeavor to meet the variety of quality standards all around the world such as KGMP, CE, ISO, PMDA, SFDA, and FDA. In addition, based on our product design, we carry out risk management through sufficient and rigid processes of management through sufficient and rigid processes of validation and self-testing to prevent the release of a defective product on the market.

Where intervention is one of the essential and leading medical treatments practiced today, S&G Biotech will continue to pursue relentlessly to be the foremost partner of doctors and patients.

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