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 - The smallest digital power regulator :

  26mm width - Single phase / 115mm width – three phase

- Suitable for replacing SSR which has no protecting device. SCR module equipped in Mini is far more durable and reliable than TRIAC in SSR.

- Improved safety through alarming SCR failure which SSR can not detect

- Stable, Reliable and Convenient


Comparison between Mini and SSR

Load failure alarmBasically installedShould attach additional C/T outside or load failure detectorMini has own C/T inside
Over current alarmBasically installedNoneOutput current is more than 100% of its rated current
Over temperature alarm60℃ Warning, 80℃ AlarmMechanical contact
Power module failure alarmBasically installedNone
Input signalSelect one among 4~20mA / 0~10VDC / SSRSSRSelect on ordering
Alarm pointBasically 2points (Warning 1, Alarm 1)None
DisplayOne three color LED displaying operation status and alarmLED displaying operation status
PCB Power10~30VDCNone

Stability, reliability and convenience

- When power module is failed, electric power to heater is not controlled at full power, which can cause a fire.

- Thus, to detect power module failure is very important to safety directly. Mini equipped with its own CT and CPU secures safety. This is different from SSR which can not detect power module failure.

- In case of SSR, additional device as CT or load failure detector should be attached to detect load failure. But Mini has its own CT, so no need to install any other device which can save labor cost and remove unnecessary wiring job. Eventually, it maximizes convenience.

- Control accuracy is enhanced with compensation algorithm.

- Long period of experience in digital power regulator allows Mini to satisfy stability and reliability.

Ordering Code

① NO. of phasePS : Mini single phase      TS : Mini three phase
② Rated currentSingle phase 010 : 10A / 025 : 25A / 040 : 40A
Three phase 025 : 25A / 040 : 40A / 055 : 55A / 070 : 70A
③ Input signalI : 4~20mA / V : 0~10VDC / S : SSR
④ Cooling fanSingle phase NONE : Without cooling fan (Cooling fan can not be attached on 10A and 25A)
FN : With cooling fan (Only on 40A)
Three phase NONE : Without cooling fan
FN : With cooling fan (40A, 55A & 70A Cooling fan is basically installed)


ModelMini (Single phase)Mini (Three phase)
Rated voltage50~500VAC50~500VAC
Rated current10A / 25A / 40A25A / 40A / 55A/ 70A
Frequency50/60Hz (Auto selectable)50/60Hz (Auto selectable)
Minimum load1A1A
Output rangeZero-Crossing 0~98%Zero-Crossing 0~98%
PCB power source10~30VDC10~30VDC
Input signalSelect one among 4~20mA / 0~10VDC / SSRSelect one among 4~20mA / 0~10VDC / SSR
OutputNPN Open collector 2CH (Vc 〈 30V, Ic ≤ 50mA)NPN Open collector 2CH (Vc 〈 30V, Ic ≤ 50mA)
Control MethodZero-Crossing control with compensation algorithmZero-Crossing control with compensation algorithm
Cooling10A, 25A, 40A : Natural cooling /
40A Cooing fan (Option)
25A : Natural cooling (Cooling fan - Option) /
40A, 55A, 70A : Cooling fan installed
AlarmOver Current, Over Temperature of heatsink(60℃, 80℃),
Load Failure, SCR failure
Over Current, Over Temperature of heatsink(60℃, 80℃),
Load Failure, SCR failure, Unbalanced Load
Ambient Temp.0 ~ 40℃0 ~ 40℃
Humidity40% ~ 85% RH (No condensation)40% ~ 85% RH (No condensation)
DisplayOne three color LEDOne three color LED, Three single color LED’s
NET WT.10A, 25A : 287g /
40A(Without fan) : 431g / 40A(With fan) : 454g
25A : 970g(Without fan) /
40A, 55A, 70A : 1.4Kgs (With fan)
InstallationBolt or DIN-railBolt
※ Please install rapid fuse outside of Mini for safety reason.


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