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Ocean Marine Services Co., Ltd was founded in 1986 and has made a remarkable accomplishment over the past three decades.

We are authorized sales agents of Engine & Machinery Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries, TOTAL Lubmarine (France), S-oil Total Lubricants, and Hyundai Oilbank. We deal with Engine Spare Parts, Korean Machinery Parts, Marine Equipment Supply and Total Lubricants.

We are committed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction services together with the best solution to our clients through the long-term experiences and know-how which we have obtained over the past 30 years.

In 2014, we have established a logistics center and further expanded our facilities in Ulsan. We have reorganized ourselves with enhanced inventory system and supply management. In order to respond immediately to our clients, we have established a global network in Greece and Norway. This will further enhance our position in the international market.

Celebrating our 34th anniversary in April 2020, we declared a new vision.

" VISION 2025 : No.1 Engine Partner In World-Wide ”

To achieve our vision, we will always support and provide the best service to our clients and promise to supply the best products with reasonable price on fast delivery time worldwide.



The customers may rely on us. Ocean will kindly reply on any related enquiries in 24 hours. Ocean is experienced therefore, you may trust and we will provide the best goods and services to satisfy the customers.


Ocean is responsible on every enquiries and orders. As an authorized agent of Hyundai, we promise to supply qualified genuine engines and spare parts to our customers. We are responsible for every product and every customer.


Ocean is thinking ahead to provide the best goods with services. We are always planning and organizing the issue to communicate with existing and future customers. Ocean is acting ahead to suggest the solutions to the customers.


1980 - 1989 

1986 04
Established company
Established the Busan branch
1987 06
Registered a member of ISSA(UK)
1988 10
Contracted sales agent with MANHO ROME MFG CO.,Ltd.

1990 - 1999 

1990 06
Registered a member of IMPA(UK)
1991 02
Appointed as a supplier of Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co.,Ltd
1992 03
Appointed as a supplier of Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.,Ltd(HMM)
1993 09
Registered to KFTA for import and export
1998 11
Registered to Korea Shipping Agencies Association

2000 - 2010 

2000 02
Certified ISO 9002 DNV
Re-build and extend of head office and warehouse
Appointed as an authorized agent of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd(HHI-EMD)
Awarded the prize for 5million dollars export achievement from government
2001 07
Appointed as a sales agent of Century Corp
2002 04
Appointed as an exclusive agent of SOTECO in Korea
2003 05

Appointed as a supplier for EUKOR Car Carriers Inc
Appointed as a supplier for Korea Marine Transport Co.,Ltd(KMTC)
2004 12
Certified ISO 9001:2000 DNV
2005 02

Appointed as a supplier of Heung-A Shipping Co.,Ltd
Appointed as a agent of Total Lubmarine
Appointed as a supplier for Hanjin Shipping Co.,Ltd

Appointed as a STX PAN Ocean Shipping POS ship management
2007 01

Registered to purchasing faculty of Hyudai Heavy Industries

Registered to purchasing faculty of Daewoo Shipping and Marine Engineering

Registered to purchasing faculty of Hyundai Samho Industries
2008 01

Registered to purchasing faculty of Samsung Heavy Industries
Contracted with GMR(Power Plant in Chennai, India)
Awarded the prize for 10million dollars export achievement from government
2010 02

Appointed as a agent of S-oil TOTAL

2011 - 

2011 11
Awarded the prize for 20million dollars export achievement from government
2013 01
Appointed as exclusive sales agent of Viper Wire Rope Lubricator, Australia
2014 01
Moved to new head office and warehouse

Business Scope


Part Sales (Sales Agent of HHI-EMD'S)

• Spare Parts Sales for Marine Engine & Diesel Power Plant

• Spare Parts Sales for Korean Made Machinery

• FPSO & Offshore (Supplying Commissioning & Preservation Materials)

Technical Sales (Sales Agent of HHI-EMD’S)

• Sales for Re-Engine & Developing for Retrofit Items

• Spare Parts Sales for COPT, BWTS & Thruster

• Packaged Major Overhaul Service for HiMSEN Engine

• Repairing Jobs, Re-conditioning & Calibration Works 

Sales for TOTAL Lub Oil

General marine Stores, Provision & Bonded Stores


Mail See Mail Address
Phone +82-52-226-0700
Fax +82-52-265-9991
Company Address 273, Jangsaengpogorae-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea