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Product Name Conveyor Type Metal Detector (Multi Frequency)_SEEKER
Model NMD530 Series
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Product Description


NMD530 Series(SEEKER) Conveyor type metal detector is the most widely demanded model among NMD530 Series range products.

Offering multi frequency operation system which is able to auto-select the correct operating frequency for maximum contaminant sensitivity in seconds.

No longer are operators required to manually optimize frequencies, which is both time consuming and risky.

Complemented by an array of innovative features and advantages, NMD530 Series (SEEKER) Conveyor type metal detector delivers tangible benefits to the manufactures at every key stage in their process and is equally effective in both “wet” and “dry” application.


High Performance for Metal Detection

> Closed Coil System for perfect detection

> High quality filter for more precise detection

> Auto absorption function for vibration, impact, noise and etc.,

> Dust Proof & Water Proof Standard (IP66) authentication

Multi Frequency Operation

> Supporting multi frequency operation mode that can measure various types of products with the correct operating frequency for maximum contaminant sensitivity in seconds

Phase Tracking Function

> Optimum detecting level is maintained by automatically coping with products of which phase is changed minutely, so detection is rather difficult such as frozen food.

Full Color Touch Screen (7 inch TFT LCD)

> An intuitive and convenient full color touch screen, containing regional languages and user manual

Digital Signal Processing Function

> The adoption of 32-bit microprocessor has added more precise operation and performance of the equipment. Software filter technology to remove ambient noise affecting performance of a metal detector has been applied.

Exterior Design considering the convenience and aesthetics

> Modern and sensuous design in which both convenience and beauty are emphasized at the same time

Connectivity to External Devices

> Backing up inspection history and etc., by using a USB removable disk and reviewing the data on a PC.

> Monitoring real-time operating status for multiple metal detectors through the connective access to LAN.

> Interlocking the machine to various typed external devices through RS232C & 485 port

Auto-Setting Function of the Inspection Items

> Auto-setting the machine for a testing product with the most suitable values even for beginners

Setting Function of a Variety of Items for Convenient Operation

> Up to 100 kinds of products are registered with each different setting value for convenient operation.

Manageable Metal Detecting History

> Detection history by various classifications and periods (in a daily / weekly / monthly / period-specified way)

> Data on detection history accessibility by LCD screen, USB disk and Printer (Optional).

Setting Function of a Variety of Items for Convenient Operation

> Easy software upgradability by USB and touch screen whenever the latest version is available

Password Setup Function

> Setting up each three different passwords depending on each status (a user, an administer and an engineer)

Movie Clip

Metal Detector with Retracting Conveyor for Cookies

Donald Hamburger

Metal Detector with Elevating Attachment Conveyor for Snacks

Metal Detector with Drop Flap Rejecter for Chewing Gum

Metal Detector for Kimchi

Metal Detector for Rice Factory in Korea

1Metal Detector HeadSUS304
2Conveyyor FrameSUS304
4Power BoxSUS304
5Tower Lamp.
6Emergency Switch.


> Relay (5A) / 1A1B 2EA, DC24V SOL, AC220V 0.2A

Power Supply

> Single Phase (110 to 220V) & Three Phase (220 to 380V and etc.,)

> Free Cycle (50/60Hz) > Fuse (3A)


> Ethernet Port (TCP/IP Connectivity and remote monitoring support)

> Serial Communication Port (RS-232C x 1 & RS485 x1)

Operating Temperature

> 0℃ to 50℃

(advised to use the machine under normal temperature)



General Food (Instant Food, Cookie/Bread, Kimchi, Vegetable, Tofu and etc.)

Sea Food (Frozen/Refrigerated Sea Food, Dried Fish and etc.)                                                          Meat (Frozen/Refrigerated Meat, Other processed Meat and etc.)

General Industry (Rubber, Timber, Plastic, Chemical Resin, Raw Material Recycling and etc.)

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