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Product Name
Model MJ600(Multiports)
Series Rotary Joint
Product Description

MULTIS HYDRO MJ600 Series is specially designed to be used for equipment operating in multi-level circuits such as turn table, hydraulics, pneumatics, cutting fluid and so on. Custom-made MJ600 series is different in inner structure and parts according to the fluid and pressure being used. In general, standard products we produce are separated into 200 kgf/m2 and 350 kgf/cm² depending on the pressure, but 1,000 kg/cm² is also available in a special case. Please contact our engineer for further questions if you want more specific details. 

Standard Size -
Fluid Air, Hydraulic
Max. Pressure Air: 10 kgf/cm²
Hydraulic: 200 kgf/cm²
Max. Temperature 120 °C
Max. Rotating Speed 250 RPM