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Product Name Automatic Sitzbath
Model MJ-1500
Series Full Automatic Sitzbath
Product Description



One-Touch, Automatic System

It allows you to touch start-button once to use following functions

- Feeding warm water purified by double filters and sterilized by U.V lamp → Sitzabatihing with warm water bubbles

- Voice Guidance :  Guiding operation & Progress




No need installation Space wall-mounted Medical Device

- Wall-mounted type Device (Basin : Placing on the toilet bowl)

- Various Colors & Modern Design

- Medical device : Obtained the KFDA's Certificate of Medical Device & Good Manufacturing Permit (KGMP)


Bubble Massage Effect

when taking Sitz bath, your anus or perineum can be washed and massaged by warm water bubbles (around 42℃)




Obtained KIPO's certificate of Ergonomic design registration, Special Basin
- Very enough Comfortable to sit for a long time & Maximizing Effects of sitz-bathing

- Solidity and Load distribution oriented Design allows 140kg of load

- Anti-slip Cushions : Increasing safety & cushion

- Front & Back Drain Holes : No overflow, No getting wet

- Water-Line Mark: Indicating appropriate amount of water




Self-Diagnosis Function

This product is composed of electronic circuits, so it self-diagnoses each function such as temperature. In the event of an abnormality, the safety shut-off system is activated automatically.

A specially designed intelligent program automatically diagnoses the fault area and produces a warning tone. (Built-in Thermistor, Bimetal, Float)



Safety Mechanism (Quadruple Safety System)

- Temperature Controller

- Maintaining the Right Temperature

- Safety Fuse

- Circuit Breaker




Products Information

Automatic Warm Water Bubble Type Sitz-Bath


1. Water Supply : Water Pipe Connet

2. Sitz Bath Type : Automatic Bubble Sitz-Bath

3. Water Tank Volume : 1.3Liter

4. Warm Water Usage : 1.2 Liter

5. Warm Water Temp.: 38°C~42°C

6. Power Consumption : 220V, 60Hz. 1.0KW

7. Weight : 7.7 kg

Consist of

1. Main Body: 1 Unit

2. Disposable Base :

3 Units 3. Fitting Tube(Water): 2M

4. User Manual : 1


1. Power : 220V, 60Hz (Wire Length 2m)

2. Power Consumption : 1.0KW

3. Water Pipe : 15mm




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