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Product Name Full Automatic Sitzbath
Model MJ-2000
Series Full Automatic Sitzbath
Catalog Catalog-MIJIN KOREA-Full Automatic Sitzbath-MJ-2000
Product Description

Full Automatic Sitzbath (MJ-2000)

- Hospital & Postpartum care center–use

- Full automatic, Ultraviolet light sterilized warm water bubble, Infrared light Sitzbath

- Obtained KFDA`s certificate of Manufacturing Permit & KIPO`s certificate of Registration of Utility Model & KIPO` certificate of Design Registration​


Model name MJ-2000
​Brand/Producer/Seller​ ​Mijinkorea corp.
Manufacturing country ​Republic of Korea
Price & other conditions​ ​Contact us​​






Exchangeable Bathtub

Exchangeable Bathtub System ​​: In order to prevent secondary infection inside of hospital, this product employs ​​an exchangeable bathtub that allows you ​to use sterilized your own individual one



Bubble Massage Effect

​When taking sitzbath, ​your anus or perineum can be washed and ​massaged by warm water bubbles​ (around 42℃)



One–Touch, Full Automatic System

​​It allows you to just touch start-button once to use all of the following available functions ​: 1st Operating (Feeding warm water sterilized by U.V lamp→Sitzbathing with bubbles→​Draining)

→ 2nd Operating (same to 1st operating)

→ Drying & Infrared light sitzbathing

→​ Turning off



Warm Wind Effect

After enjoying sitz bath, you can have your affected area of skin dried by automatic  warm wind and at the same time can enjoy infrared light bath



​​Safety Mechanism
​​​- Quadruple Safety Devices

Temperature Controller

Maintaining the Right Temperature

Safety Fuse

Circuit Breaker



Self-Diagnosis Function

This product is composed of electronic circuits, so it self-diagnoses each function such as temperature.

In the event of an abnormality, the safety shut-off system will be activated automatically.

A specially designed intelligent program automatically diagnoses the fault area and produces a warning tone. (Built-in Thermistor, Bimetal, Float )




Products Information

Ultraviolet Light Water Sterilization, Automatic Bubble Type, Infrared Light Sitz Bath


1. Water Supply Type : Water Pipe Connect

2. Sitz Bath Type : Automatic Air Bubble/ Infrared Light Sitz-Bath

3. Water Tank Volume: 1.3 Liter

4. Warm Water Usage: 1.2 Liter

5. Warm Water Temp. : 38℃~42℃ (Controllable)

6. Power Consumption:1.7kW

7. Weight: 25 Kg

Consists of

1. Main Body ------------- 1Unit

2. Disposable sitz bathtub------ 6Unit

3. Fitting Tub(Water) --------- 2M

4. Drain Hose -------------1.5M

5. User Manual ------------- 1


1. Power:220V, 60Hz(Wire Length 2m)

2. Power Consumption:1.7kW

3. Water Pipe: 15mm

4. Bottom Drain Hole: 50Ø (Hose:35Ø)

5. Room Size : (W)1.OM x (L) 1.5 (min.)





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