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Product Name
Model MP111
Series Pulse Oximeter
Product Description


Wide Usage

Apply widely to the sleep monitoring in home as well as light anesthesia surgery such as Recovery room, Ward, Sleep Endoscope, Dental Surgery, and Plastic Surgery, etc.

Stable Performance

With various experience of MEKICS, it is stabilized in delicate conditions such as neonatal (Low Perfusion & Stability) and ambulance (Movement & Vibration). This stability is different from simple checking device.

Various Function

Sufficient Alarm – Monitoring function, Color Tone*, Auto Backlight off, IV Pole, Long battery operation (8hours) 
72hours Trend function (in MP111 model) which is using in Sleeping Center

Color Tone*: According to the SpO2 concentration, the beep sound is changing then possible to recognize the SpO2 variation by hearing only without seeing


Light Intensity controlled SpO2 Technology®(LIC SpO2)

SpO2 module of MEKICS adopts optimal technology against noise as controlled of light intensity spontaneous according to the variation sensitivity of sensor and various patient who has different penetration (based on the thick, human race, and skin condition, the penetration will be different). It is named "Light Intensity Controlled SpO2 Technology"


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