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Product Name Stator Ass'y
Series X-ray Parts
Product Description

1. Role of part

Stator-coil  is the same type of motor stator coils of electric fans or washing machines.
It is wound in a type of silt in many laminations.  
Single-phase induction motor consists of the stator-coil and rotator. When the magnetic fields produced from the stator coils are transferred to the rotator, eddy current is produced in a Cu rotation stick  
According to Fleming's left-hand law and right-hand law, the rotator rotates in direction of magnetic fields of stator-coil. Using this principle is the Arago disc.
Anode rotor's rpm represents the following way.

LUCEM Stator Ass'y


2. Model

- M125S20X : Tube voltage(125kV), F/Spot (1.0/2.0), Target (16°) 
- M150S12X : Tube voltage(150kV), F/Spot (0.6/1.2) , Target (12°)

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