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Now, for the second as advanced surface treatment Technology.

We, the LICHTZEN Co., Ltd., are the company specializing in production of UV/IR/NIR curing & drying equipments as well as UV lamps and transformers.

We are proud in our efforts in making of our products, and it is your cooperation and support that we have been able to grow steadily. We've been exporting our systems at the best prices possible and with the best after-sales services to satisfy our customers all over the world, including Germany, China, Thailand, and other East Asian countries. We believe, it will return as improvement of products quality of our customers.

We have been and will be trying very hard to raise our productivity through consistent renovation in production lines and management alike, and our continuous and hard effort has resulted in the raised productivity and quality level for our products.

That is why we have been able to supply you with the best quality product at the lowest prices with the best after-sales services in the trade. Our past growth could not have been possible without your cooperation and support, and our future will also depend to the same.

We will never forget that, and we promise you to work even harder to deserve your cooperation and support by, first and most of all, supplying you with the best products of the highest values.

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