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Product Name Automatic Poja Mandu(Dumpling) Machine
Model KC-300
Series Mandu Machine
Product Description

Its small size makes it a good choice for small space: e.g. bunshikjeom (flour-based meal restaurant), and street vendors! Even beginners will find it easy to use!


You can make mandu dough as if it were made by hand. So mandu will be soft and chewy. You can freely adjust product weight, mandu shells and fillings. You can also control speed. So you can adjust production quantity.

It's so easy to use that even beginners can operate it easily, and so easy to assemble and disassemble that cleaning it is a cinch. As you don't need to roll it again by hand, anyone can make hot bars, thereby reducing demands on manpower and bringing you greater profits. As it is a 2-level forced-feed type, you can inject fillings freely even if they are coarse, and there will be no bubbles, thus ensuring constant weight. Its small size ensure easy installation in small space.
(department stores, discount stores, bunshikjeom (flour-based meal restaurant),street vendors, mandu chain stores, etc.)

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Weight per product

Production Rate

WeightPower Consumption
950 M/M1660 M/M1180 M/M235kg2Kw (1P/220V)