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Product Name Thermowell of Type No. Constitution
Series Thermo Wells
Catalog THERMOWELL.pdf
Product Description


When measuring temperature object flows, and the speed
is fast, and the pressure is high the same as general temperature
indication indicator, thermowell is necessary to
temperature sensor department of temperature transmitter
and in general application, it uses protecting tube to be easy


In the case of following conditions, thermowell should be
provided to protect bulb.
(1) In case of corrosion fluid, thermowell with suitable material is
(2) In csae of high pressure, necessary to use thermowell suitable
for operating pressure.
(3) In csae of fluid with flow, necessary to use thermowell suitable
for flow and viscosity.
(4) In csae of fluid leaking out when taking off the thermometer,
necessary to use thermowell.
(5) In csae of filled liquid in thermometer is leak out from bulb and
it is harmful, necessary to use thermowell.                

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