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Korea Laser Tech (KLT) has been playing a significant role in the industrial laser business in Korea since 1992. KLT was the first and the only business to produce the 2.2KW and 4.5KW powered laser resonators (generators) with the patent in Korea. From this KLT has obtained an excellent reputation from the other laser companies around the country. In addition, KLT has worked on other various laser system developments such as laser cutting machine, laser marking/engraving and laser welding machine and as a result the company received significant outcome. 

From 2002, KLT has developed and produced many laser machines which are applied for the Flat Display Industry, such as Laser LCD BLU stamp/core marking machine for mobile phone, laser LED TV LGP (Light Guide Plate) patterning machine, laser OLED glass panel marking machine, laser ITO etching machine and laser glass cutting/drilling machine (auto, manual) for touch (screen) phone, other laser application equipments, etc.

KLT newly added the sales of laser glass sealing machine and the laser micro processing machine to be increased the market by many customers in the field of Flat Panel Display. Especially, from this year, KLT aggressively started to sell the laser glass cutting/drilling machines, which have been used for the precise processing of chemical tempered glass as the window and bear glass of touch phone module. KLT is predicting a large increase in sales in the immediate future as the chief laser machine supplier for the Flat Panel Display Industry market of touch phone mobile and LED TV, etc, which are extremely high and rapidly increasing.