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Computer in the station office communicates with dispensers and ODTs to receive and register the filling data. The system enables complete payment procedures in the filling site as using data from credit card, customer card and accumulate card process to carry out by ODT and the each receipt is printed on ODP(out door printer). All the data of filling procedures sent real time to computer and monitored.    
POS System enables accurate classifying and accurate calculating of various data according to managing station tasks, which also enables to prevent missing data and missing payment.  As a result, the hand work by person of station is forwarded to POS system that effectively & accurately manages instead, the labor costs can be saved and also the customer can be systematically managed. The system also to be image for station, improve reliability for customers, which switch to allowing advanced management system. In addition, domestic, international or from anywhere in real time the status of the all data in station are available to monitoring through the internet(JOP series), is to be maximized the range of managements. 

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