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Product Name Apex Eye
Model KM-9000
Series Dental Devices
Product Description

- The medical device manufacturing items a license number: 09-432
- Class number(Class) : A30280.01[2]
- The protection type for electric shock : Internal power-in appliance, BF Type
- Power source : DC 3V
- Weight : 200g

- Main body, pile clip and cable, Rip clip and cable


- Easy to carry product
- No using limit against to the place
- Auto-power off function at the no-input state for 3 min
- Beep be faster when pile approach at the apex and continous beep is occured at the apex point

4.How to use : Refer user manual


- Use only the dentist
- Couple the cable as followed the user manual
- Measure using same method at least 2~3 times  

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