Shoes Height 4 inch (Cell Height 5 inch)




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The Republic of Korea


Dimension : W710 X D450 X H1970mm  
Cell Size    : W264 X D350 X H134mm 
Electricity  : AC220V 60Hz 
Power Consumption : 420W(High 820W / Low 65W)

Product Features

Sterilization, Deodorization, Drying Function

Most effective sanitizing, deodorizing and drying by Snitizing air.

Mode Setting Function

1. Auto Dry-Hi
2. Auto Dry-Low
3. Sanitizing-Dry-Hi
4. Sanitizing Dry-Low

Control Display

Available to check Running Time and Status.

Schedule Setting Function

Max 9 Times  for 24 hours.

Individual Door Gasket 

Air inside the chamber is isolated perfectly by a silicon gasket. 

Control door switch  

Opening the door Ozone operating stops automatically except for the circular fan which continues to purify the contaminated air.

Self-Diagnosis System 

Indicate the time of filter and ozone generator to be exchanged to maintain the best condition.

Temperature controller 

Temperature controller makes shoes doesn’t be damaged during dry it.

Purification System

Contaminated air inside the chamber is completely purified through the purification filtering system.

Discharging Moisture

Polluted moisture of inside is purified through the purification filtering system.

Clean bottom plate

Bottom plate allows to clean dust or soil easily.

Easy Installation

Just Plug in to use, no need duct or other accessories.

Various Authorization Method

Fingerprint, Card, PIN (Password)

Where Used

Industry, military unit, gymnasium, public institution, hotel, hospital, office, restaurant, sauna, fitness, swimming pool, bowling alley, golf course, beauty shop, foot care room etc.

Magic Klenzing System

▶1 st Process 

Ozone generator create very unique Plasma Radical Sanitizing Air with the most ideal combination of ozone, heating air and proper volume/strength of wind. 

Supplying SANITIZING AIR to individual room through supplying pipe to remove virus, bacteria, fungi, bad odor. SANITIZING AIR penetrate 1.2cm into shoes and do sanitizing and deodorizing.

▶2nd Process 

Contaminated air from 1st is returned to the magic box through natural bio stone ball filter system and purified.

▶3rd Process

Purified air through UV zone and Magic filter box
for strong sanitizing and deodorizing. 
Then, going through Water purification system it makes new clean air.


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