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KHVATEC Mechanical Parts

Aluminium Parts

KHVATEC’s Aluminum products ensure aesthetic outer design and high electricity conductivity, while simultaneously achieving low weight and high durability. They are ideal for premium line products KHVATEC uses various techniques such as Die-Casting and stamping to provide the most optimized Aluminum solution with various surface treatments. Especially, the unrivalled Anodized Die-Casting(ADC) technology is recognized as the world's best technology. 


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Magnesium Parts

To meet the requirements of ultra thin/ultra light designs used for cutting-edge ICT products such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and notebook computers, KHVATEC manufactures miniaturized precision magnesium components in its high-tech automated production line. 
In particular, not only weight reduction but also excellent EMI(ElectroMagnetic Interference) shielding effect is well spotlighted. 


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Zinc Parts

The miniaturized Zinc product line manufactured with our Multi-Slide technology and Sprueless Die-Casting technique provides high quality and reliability. 
These products are manufactured with cutting-edge automated control systems and provide the highest level of cost efficiency in the prevision parts industry. 


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Copper Parts

The Copper product line, with a more durable and metallic finish than stainless steel products, is ideal for enhancing the durability of mobile phone parts while upgrading the exterior design. The successful Die-Casting capability is a proprietary technology that provides high quality, cost efficiency and timely delivery. 


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Stamping Parts

The stamping technique using various cutting-edge sheet materials, including stainless steel, aluminum magnesium and titanium, is combined with the company’s diverse surface treatment technologies and its applied on internal/external components for high-tech ICT products, exterior cases, hinges and other various production parts. 


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CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts, as well as the basic properties of precision and strength, drawing attention to the sleek visual surfaces of seamless Unibody and anodizing. We offer the highest levels of the visual metal parts combining various technologies and CNC machining. 


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