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  • K&S Company

    K&S Company

    About Supplier

    We live in the age of cutting-edge IT, and it is also the age where change occurs in an every day basis.

    However, in these age of cutting-edge tchnology, the importance manufacturing technology which is the foundation of all industries, has not been recognized.

    Upon being founded in 2005, through outstanding technical skills, K&S COMPANY has oftered great satisfaction as well as 'KEY' and 'SOLUTION' to all our customers which are factories that mix, blend, disperse.

    Also, K&S COMPANY has accumulated the technologyies in the field of semiconductor, secondary battery, and fine chemistry as well as the technologies needed for blending and dispersing of basic materials and manufacturing which take great part in our industry.

    Keeping in pace with the fast changing world, we have started a challenged to develop differentiated new technologies and to compose effective systems with mid and long term visions of a global corporation.

    In addition, we are concentrating on development of future-oriented new products and new methods, not to mention bold investments in different technologies. We may be small now, however, we challenge a great development in the future of K&S COMPANY.

    Furthermore, we thank all our customers for showing us unstinting love, and we promise to make greatest offort for better quality producsts and customer-centered service until 100% satisfaction is achieved.

    70, Mannyeon-ro 151beon-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    PASSON (High Shear Mixer for High Viscosity)
    POLIMIX (High shear Mixer with Power Suction)
    PM 010/020
    INLINE MIXER (Circulation Type Mixer for Homogenizing)
    HOMO MIXER (Batch Type Mixer for Homogenizing)