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  • Jung Won

    Coating Machine
    PE Foam Converting

    Product Description

    Jung Won Coating Machine

    Product List

    Low Emissivity Insulation

    Auto Lami-bonding Line
    Auto Sheet to Sheet Bonding Unit
    Slotting Machine

    Crosslinked PE Foam

    Outdoor Mat Forming Machine
    Cross-Linked Foam Production Line
    JWXE 150/200
    Hose Forming Machine
    Auto Bonding Machine

    PE Foam Extrusion

    PE Foam Extrusion
    JWE Series

    PE Foam Converting

    Table Cutting Machine
    Laminating Machine
    2 Side Sealing Machine
    Embossing Machine
    Bonding Machine
    3 Side Sealing Machine
    Coating Machine
    Both Side Laminating Machine
    Vertical Cutting Machine

    PS Foam Extrusion

    PS Foam Extruder
    JWS Series
    PS Foam Board Production Line

    Air Bubble Extrusion

    Air Bubble Extrusion

    Recycling Machine

    Recycling Machine

    Polyurethane Foam Converting

    Profile Machine
    PU Laminating Machine
    Leather Laminating Machine