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Product Name
Model JS-AT75
Series Atomizer
Product Description
 Homo Mixer  
 Paddle Mixer  
 Material Stainless Steel(304, 316L)
 Utilities 220~380V / 50~60Hz / 3Phase
 Comp. air supply 5~6 Bars at least
 Hammer 12 pcs
 Capacity 90 kg/hr
 Delivery 60 Days


in a vacuum, closed structure, therefore the system is naturally protected against any contamination from the dust which arise by the wind of rotating hammer. 
•It especially designed to fit the factory where need high hygiene.(i.e. Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical) 
•Compact system and easy structure ensure easy handling that shorten the assemble and disassemble time. 
•This also suits to small production of various kinds of materials. 
•There are several models for laboratory(3HP), mass production(30HP), etc.

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