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    Electromagnetic Vibrators
    Series MS

    Product Description

    The electromagnetic vibrators generate linear motions and are operated at motions frequencies of 50 and 25 Hz or at 60 and 30 Hz.



    Conveying, dosing, drawing off

    MS drive units are used in various industries for medium duty dosing, draw-off and conveying applications.

    The drive units are also suitable for clock cycle operation because the maximum motion amplitude is reached as soon as it is started and it comes to a stop immediately after being switched off.

    Continuous control

    The motion amplitude can be continuously controlled during the operation of all JVM® electromagnetic vibrators.

    Therefore the feed rate can be easily adjusted to the current requirements. We have summarised information on the required thyristor controller on page 25.

    Operational reliability

    Tried-and-tested, reliable engineering together with robust, practical field-tested designs provide high operational reliability, even under the most difficult conditions in central lines. All MS electromagnetic vibrators are EMC-compatible.


    In order to allow the motion frequency to be changed after installation, the drives have been designed in such a way that they are interchangeable within a construction size in the motion frequencies.



    Dimension in mm










    The use of high-quality components means that JVM® electromagnetic vibrators are maintenance-free and easy to install. Special lifting eyes make transport easy, eliminating the need to remove the hoods.


    Adapted model series

    MS drive units are available in seven sizes, and also in models for higher effective weights at lower motion amplitudes (MS 30...80). This broad range enables the optimum drive to be selected for the particular application requirements.


    The data

    We would also be happy to provide you with further details or inform you about special models built to your specifications.

    Connection Via thyristor controller JT 230/400V
    50Hz, 460V 60Hz 
    Switch-on time 100% (operating mode S1)
    Protection System IP 65 as per EN 60 529
    Explosion-proof models

    ATEX Ⅱ 3 DG

    cCSAus, UL, CI, I, Div 2 Gr. B, C, D

    cCSAus, UL, CI, II, Div 1 Gr. E, F, G  

    Options Special Voltage and executions

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    Series MS
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