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    Unbalance Drive
    Series JX

    Product Description

    Unbalance motors are electro-mechanical drive units which generate circular motions. In contrast, linear motions are produced by operating two motors working in opposite directions.


    Infinite oscillation amplitudes

    With the motors off, the motion amplitude can be set for all JVM unbalance motors by adjusting the centrifugal weights. The motion frequency can also be adjusted during operation via the optional frequency converter.


    Every JVM® unbalance motor undergoes stringent mechanical and electrical quality controls, during all windings are tested. All motors are rated for S1 continuous operation – even when the feed rate is set to 100%.

    Operational reliability

    Proven engineering from 100 years of experience and purposeful development of our technology guarantees the operational reliability that you expect. Further attention to practical design details such as non-twisting centrifugal weights and large, legible scales make the JVM® drives the market preference.

    Conservatively sized, quality components and optimised electrical performance guarantee long service lives and fast motor run-up times – this way you conserve your vibration equipment.





    Ready for connection and easy to install

    JVM® unbalance motors are supplied ready for connection and operation. Their space-saving geometry, easily accessible foot fastenings and transport eyes make them easy to install. JVM unbalance motors can be operated in every position and size 10 and up are equipped with a re-lubrication feature in the standard version.



    The modern and state-of-the-art-design ensures great efficiency and clearly defined, direct power transmission. Field-proven success has testified to our technical concept – across the globe, even under the most difficult operating conditions.


    Special executions

    Whether you need split covers in protection class IP65, high/low temperature models, standstill heating or other special fittings – we offer many options and can offer more information upon request.



    Details on frequency converters, D.C. injection braking devices and monitoring systems can be found in our separate information notices.


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