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Product Name Earthway Seeder
Model 1001B
Series Vinyl Automated Seeder / Earthway Seeder
Product Description


Model name1001-B for small gardens
TypeManual typeIntra row spacing (cm)Numbers of plate holes / 91.4cm
Dimension (mm)(L*W*H)900*260*860Depth control (cm)0.5~4
Weight (kg)3Number of seed1 seed
Work efficiency225㎡ (2.25a, 68 pyong) / 1h ≪ 2.5㎞ / 1h

Product information

- OEM product of Earthway in the US
- One-seed type manual seeder (seeder for small vegetable gardens)
- Lightened product with aluminium frames and plastic
- One-touch control for plate replacement and controlling depth of plough operation
- With an inter row spacing mark attached, it is able to sow the seeds for even distances
- Including six basic plates
- Fertilizing machine is available.

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