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Product Detail
Tractor Attached Type Seeder JDT4, JDTU details

Tractor Attached Type Seeder

Disk Type


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Features of plate type seeder

- Hopper volume: 7.5ℓ
- Extraction with tilting core plate
- Burying foreign substances with a disk harrow attached
- Adjustable 11 levels of sowing distance
- Seed: large seeds such as beans, corns, adlay, etc.
- Dual structured hopper prevents missing plants
- One-touch operation



Model nameJDT-4 / JDT-UInter row spacing(cm)Minimum 20㎝
TypeTractor attached typeIntra row spacing(cm)6~37
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 850*230*610 (1 seed)Depth control(cm)Hitch
Weight(kg)15kg(1 seed)Number of seed3 seeds
Work efficiency6 seeds (inter row spacing 40㎝): 6,000㎡(60a, 1,815 pyong)/1h≪ 2.5㎞ / 1h

Product information
- Attached on the back of a tractor or a rotavator
- Each seeding unit has a dual link structure that moves up and down and performs individually.
- Minimum inter row spacing: 20㎝
- Sideband placement instrument (JDTF) is available. 

Disk Type
Roll Type
Groove Adjusting Type / Vacuum Type
Vinyl Automated Seeder / Earthway Seeder
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