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Tractor Attached Type Seeder JPH, JTS1500S details Tractor Attached Type Seeder JPH, JTS1500S details

Tractor Attached Type Seeder

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- Seed: fine seed (shepherd's purse, corn rose), normal seed (leafy vegetables, herbs), large or special seed (ginseng, bean corn)
- Nursey plant and direct seeding are possible
- One-touch function and seeding roll change method by seed(11 levels of planting interval distance)
- Hopper vibrator option
- Harvest in equally high-quality and reduction of seeds and labor costs
- Seed storing function when backing
- Seeding roll is made of a special material proper for discharge of static electricity


Model nameJPHInter row spacing(cm)Minimum 16cm
TypeTractor attached typeIntra row spacing(cm)2~51
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 860*180*590/1 seedDepth control(cm)1~3
Weight(kg)11kg / 1 seedNumber of seedAbove 4
Work efficiencyJPH (10 seeds): 4,000㎡ (40a, 1,210 pyong (around 4,000 square meter)) / 1h ≪ 2.5㎞ / 1h

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Product information

- Attached on the back of a tractor or a rotavator
- It sows seeds on flat lands and is able to sow on banks when it’s attached on the back of a ridge making machine.
- Each seeding unit has a dual link structure that moves up and down and performs individually.
- Driving roll and land roll operate individually.
- Minimum inter row spacing: 16㎝ 


Model nameJTS-1500SInter row spacing(cm)9
TypePowered typeIntra row spacing(cm)2~51
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 1,008*1,350*950Depth control(cm)1~3
Weight(kg)144Number of seed9
Work efficiency612 pyong (around 2,023 square meter)

Product Information

- It needs to be attached on the three structured link on the back of a tractor before seeding.
- Driving roll and land roll operate as one assembled device.
- To adjust the length of plough, each part and the entire part of a plough can be controlled.
- Minimum inter row spacing is 9㎝ and able to be adjusted to 4.5㎝ through using plough 

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