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Product Name Double Chamber, Desktop Type
Model AZCW-050D
Series Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer
Product Description

Prevention of Oxidation and moisture 
Free from Static Electricity



Foods : Extension of circulation period / Keeping up of freshness and fragrance 
Industrial goods : Prevention of Oxidation / Prevention of moisture 


ㆍThis mode has two chambers so that the user can arrange packed product on one chamber while the other chamber is doing vacuuming. So, this model is recommended when the user have many products to vacuum-pack in short time 
ㆍStand type so that it is recommended for any place with no table to put the machine on 
ㆍThe body except for Acryl chamber cover is stainless steel so as be very durable 
ㆍThrough the Acryl chamber cover, the process of packing can be seen 
ㆍDigital control microprocessor can make setting very easy 
ㆍSealing bar can be easily detached and attached and there is no electricity wires exposed inside the chamber so as to be convenient for cleaning


INTRIZE Double Chamber, Desktop Type AZCW-050D

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