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    Condenser Drilling
    ISGD Series
    Table / Gantry Drilling Machine

    Product Description

    INSUNG's ISGD Series is the special purpose machine for machining of Tube Sheet Steam Condenser for large vessels or power generation. It offers versatile works like drilling, reaming, tapping & milling. ATC & Angle Head Attachment greatly reduce cycle time

    INSUNG MACHINE TOOLS Condenser Drilling ISGD Series

    Product List

    Vertical Lathe

    Cross Rail Elevating Type
    ISVTL-E Series
    Full Width Table Type
    ISVTL/ ISVTC-FW Series
    Cross Rail Fixed Type
    ISVTL-F Series

    Horizontal Lathe

    CNC Chock Fit & Turn-Mill Type
    ISRL Series
    CNC Heavy Duty Large Lathe
    ISHL Series
    CNC Roll Turning Lathe
    ISRL Series

    Table / Gantry Machining Center

    Gantry Moving Type
    ISGM Series
    Double Column Quill Type
    ISPM Series
    Table Moving Type
    ISTM Series
    Double Column Ram Type
    ISPM Series

    Duplex / Floor Type Boring Machine

    Floor Type Boring & Milling Machine
    ISFBM Series
    Floor Type Drilling & Milling Machine
    ISFDM Series
    Duplex Type Boring & Milling Machine
    ISDBM Series

    Index Table Type Drilling Machine

    Index Table Drilling & Tapping Machine
    ISRT Series
    Index Table Twin Head Drilling & Tapping Machine
    ISRT Series

    Table / Gantry Drilling Machine

    H-Beam Production Line
    ISHL Series
    Condenser Drilling
    ISGD Series
    Textile Needle Plate Minl
    ISND Series
    Boiler Header Drilling
    ISHD Series
    Boiler Header Pipe
    ISPD Series
    Gussets, Splice Plates
    ISTD Series
    Steel Tower Angle
    ISAD Series

    Modeling Machine

    ISSM Series
    Tire Mold Lettering & Engraving Machine
    ISLE Series
    Tire Container Mold 5-Axis
    ISTC Series

    Car Diff-Case Drilling & Tapping Machine

    Diff-Case Drilling & Tapping
    Automatic Diff-Case Side Hole & Pin Hole Drilling Machine

    Ultra Ceramic Processing

    Ceramic Grinding Line

    Development Item

    Product Item