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    High-Tension & Spark Plug Cable

    Product Description

    이그니션 코일로부터 고전압을 연소실에서 점화할 수 있도록 스파크 플러그에 전달하는 기능을 하며 케이블의 외부 전파 간섭을 방지하기 위한 차폐케이블을 사용하여 스파크 플러그에 안정적으로 고전압을 공급합니다.


    INFAC High-Tension & Spark Plug Cable

    Product List


    Manual Park Release Cable
    Wiring Harness
    High-Tension & Spark Plug Cable
    Automatic Transmission Shift Cable
    Manual Transmission Shift Cable
    Park Brake Cable
    Hood Latch Release Cable
    Accelerator Cable
    Fuel Filler Cable
    Shift Lock Cable
    Key Inter Lock Cable
    Flexible Shaft for Power Seat


    Waste Gate Turbocharger Actuator
    Intake Manifold Actuator
    Vacuum Reservoir Tank
    Damping Solenoid
    Electronic Parking Brake Actuator (Caliper Integrated Type)
    Recirculation Valve
    AMK solenoid Valve
    Switchable Valve
    Vacuum Solenoid Valve
    ECS Solenoid Valve Block
    Variable Geometry Turbocharger Actuator
    Electronic Parking Brake Actuator (Cable Puller Type)


    Door Handle LF Antenna
    Interior / Exterior LF Antenna
    BCM Antenna
    Radio Combi Shark Fin Antenna
    Combi Shark Fin Antenna
    Combi Pole Antenna
    AM FM Glass Antenna
    FM 2 Glass Antenna
    180mm Radio Only Pole Antenna
    Manual Antenna
    Motor Operated Auto Antenna
    Pole Antenna
    Pillar Antenna
    400mm Radio Only Pole Antenna

    RF Cable

    AVN Feeder Cable
    High Frequency Feeder Cable


    Φ78 Trumpet Electro Mechanic Horn (12V)
    Φ78 Trumpet Electronic Horn (12V)
    Φ78 Trumpet Horn (12V, Vertical Type)
    Φ100 Disk Electro Mechanic Horn (24V/48V/80V)
    Φ100 Disk Electronic Horn (12V)
    Φ75 Burglar Alarm Horn (12V)
    Φ75 Disk Electronic Horn (12V)
    Φ85 Disk Horn (12V)
    Air Horn
    Φ75 Disk Electro Mechanic Horn (12V)

    Parts for BMA

    Battery Cell Casing (10S), Electric Vehicle
    Battery Cell Casing, Hybrid Electric Vehicle
    Battery Cell Casing (6S), Electric Vehicle